TRILO machines for managing and maintaining landscapes and green infrastructures

TRILO is the brand and the greatest pride of parent company Vanmac B.V. Every day a skilled team of highly motivated professionals is ready to design, develop and manufacture TRILO machines. TRILO machines are built in our factory in Amersfoort with the greatest possible care and the highest quality standards and they are sold worldwide in more than 40 countries. Whether it is for professionally maintaining lawns at airports, golf courses or sports fields, or for clearing litter or leaves, TRILO supplies the right machines to carry out the job perfectly. The range of TRILO machines includes: vacuum sweepers, scarifier units, leaf blowers, leaf suction units and a reel mower. You can put together a TRILO machine online entirely according to your requirements with a choice from a wide array of options. This way you will always get a TRILO machine that is best suited for your work. TRILO machines are of a high quality and are therefore very reliable and continue to function under the toughest conditions. Vanmac B.V. is active with the TRILO brand in the following markets:

• Turf industry
• Equestrian sports
• Greenkeeping
• Litter collecting
• Groundskeeping
• Road and roadside maintenance
• Airside FOD and habitat management

Our goal is to design, produce and market the best and innovative machines for managing and maintaining landscapes and green infrastructures.


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