TRILO clears leaf litter quickly and efficiently

When autumn arrives again, leaves change colour once more and this can be a lovely sight. After they have fallen and cause nuisance, they are much more a thorn in the eye. Leaf litter is a danger to all road users. It is also disastrous for lawns when a lawn remains covered with leaves during winter months, resulting in decomposition and fungal growth which seriously affects the grass.

The leaf waste covers curbs and pits and road markings with all the associated dangers. If they get wet (actually always in autumn weather!), they make roads slippery. If you have to brake suddenly, there is a high risk that you start sliding, possibly resulting in a serious accident. Also, drains such as gullies and gutters become clogged, causing flooding, water nuisance and a lot of damage.

High time for quick and efficient clearing of leaf litter. Only this way can you be sure that lawns remain healthy and that traffic can continue to move safely. Our professional vacuum sweepers, leaf blowers and leaf suction units can quickly and easily remove any leaf litter from lawns, roads, paths and other surfaces. Download brochure


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