The Trilo airport mower: extremely efficient due to large working width

Are you looking for an airport mower that can cut and collect grass in the most efficient way? Then read more about the airport mowers we have for sale at Trilo.

Why an airport mower is such an important machine for airport maintenance In order to make aircraft as safe as possible, airports need to be maintained meticulously. Litter and foreign object debris (FOD) should be collected to keep from damaging airplanes and endangering passengers.

Furthermore, the grass should be kept short. Not just because it looks good but also to keep birds from nesting and swarming the runways.  

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Save amounts of time by using a Trilo airport mower

At many airports, verge maintenance and litter collection tend to take up unnecessary amounts of time. The airport mowers are small and multiple sessions are needed to get the job done. Do you recognize these issues? Then the Trilo airport mower might be just what you are looking for.

Check our product configurator and put together the airport mower that meets your exact demands.

This is why the Trilo airport mower is unrivalled in efficiency

The Trilo airport mower is a unique device. Tailor-made to meet your requirements, it offers over 50 different features. For example, you can assemble an airport mower that cuts and collects in one session. This clever device has a working width of 5 meters, and boasts an unrivalled loading capacity. To top that, we offer an optional grass collection add-on that has up to 8 meters working width.

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Our airport mower works at just the right height to keep birds from nesting in the grass. The result: less risk of birds swarming over the airport premises, and consequently safer aircraft. But the airport mowers we offer, are as versatile as they are efficient: would you like them to sweep or collect debris as well? Not a problem. Simply let us know and we will assemble your airport mower accordingly.The result: less sessions are needed to keep the grass and collect grass and litter. The work is simply done faster. Regardless of the features you choose, Trilo airport mowers are compact, resulting in high manoeuvrability.

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Trilo: your partner of choice due to 40-plus years of experience

Trilo has over 40 years of experience in the designing and building of vacuum sweepers, leaf blowers and airport mowers. We deliver throughout Europe and provide maintenance for all our clients.

Furthermore, we have a well-equipped service department that fine-tunes all new machines, so that you can start using it as soon as it arrives. If you need a spare part, simply order it in our webshop. Stocks are checked easily and orders can be tracked 24/7. Contact us if you have any questions about the airport mower you wish to purchase

Do you request more information about airport mowers or specific features you wish to add? Feel free to contact us at any time!