Athletic field maintenance: cut grass and maintain tracks with one machine

It is one thing to allow people to play sports on your playing field. It is quite another to carry out proper athletic field maintenance. Are you looking to do a better job, or to maintain your sports grounds more efficiently? Then meet our sports turf machinery.

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Athletic field maintenance

Athletic field maintenance

Imagine running on an athletics track while trying to avoid slippery leaves. Or playing a game of soccer without spraining your ankle on a lump of grass. Athletic field maintenance is not easy, and it needs to be done right. Otherwise, people will become injured. With Trilo’s sports turf machinery, these risks will be a thing of the past. Here’s why:

Trilo’s athletic field maintenance machine is light-weight. Therefore, you can cut and collect grass without damaging the turf. The device is also conveniently compact. This allow you to maintain the grass very precisely, even when working in tight corners.

But there is more. As the Trilo S-series machine is tailor-made, you can decide upon many different features. You can, for example, choose a large loading capacity, enabling you to cut and collect grass over a large area before the container needs to be emptied. Or choose to add the boom on the left or right side of the vehicle, depending on your preferences. Whether you have specific requirements regarding the undercarriage, the width of the side wings or the speed at which the machine moves, we will be able to be of service.

Check out or online product configurator and assemble your perfect athletic field maintenance equipment.

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Sports pitch maintenance

Trilo’s sports turf machinery: for more than sports turf

We believe our S-series machine is right for any athletic field. But it is so versatile, it can be used for more than just cutting grass. Because of the 50 plus features you can choose from, you can turn this grass cutting machine into a fully-fletched side sweeper, enabling you to vacuum leaves and debris from an athletic track, or clean the audience’s stand, using a suction hose that is especially made to use in difficult-to-reach-areas.

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