Large area mowers for pastures, golf courses and sports pitches alike

Large area mowers are necessary when you need to cut and collect grass on vast surfaces.

Trilo’s S-series might just be the widest lawn mower around. Read more about this highly versatile machine.

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Widest lawn mower


One of the most versatile in the market

Granted, there are many machines that can cut and collect grass over large areas. But do they boast a working width of 6 meters, cutting and collecting grass in one session? Or even a stunning 8 meters, if you wish to cut and collect separately?Wide area mowers

We believe that Trilo’s machine is the widest lawn mower in the market.

But there is more. The filling degree of the container is unrivalled. The S-series has a loading capacity of up to 20 m3. Maintenance time is low, allowing for maximum up-time. Our large area mowers can cut and collect both fine and rough grass without clumping and without leaving stubbles. But they can also collect leaves, litter and debris. This is one of the most versatile devices in the market.

When applying our large area mowers on runways, be assured that this machine will keep birds from nesting in the grass.

When using our lawn mower on playing fields or golf courses, don’t worry about the quality of your turf. This light weight machine won’t damage the soil, nor will it leave muddy impressions.

And when using the widest lawn mower around, rest assured you will not only save a lot of time. Due to the quality or our large area mowers, you will be able to cut a maximum amount of grass for ensiling.

Convinced of the versatility of our large area mowers? Then check out our product configurator and put together your personal, tailor-made mower.

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We have over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of vacuum sweepers, blowers and verticutting units.

Over the years, we have developed a deep understanding of our client’s needs, and have improved our devices accordingly. We deliver throughout Europe, and with the help of our specially trained drivers, your mower will be up and running upon arrival.

Should need be, you can rely on our well-equipped service department. Our professionals offer long-distance help and can send you spare parts on short notice. They also offer on-site support, carrying out emergency repairs regardless of your location.

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