Trilo’s time saving, high quality, large lawn mowers

large lawn mowers

Large lawn mowers can be true time savers, no matter the application. But this is hardly ever the only requirement of grass cutting machines.

We know. Therefore, we have added over 52 features to our devices, making our large lawn mowers time savers, and so much more! Try our product configurator and build your perfect large lawn mower.

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Trilo’s large lawn mowers are tailor-made for you

With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of how our large lawn mowers can be of utmost use to you. This experience has resulted in vacuum sweepers and mowers that are as versatile as the jobs they are used for.

Cut and collect grass in one session and apply a working width of 6 meters. Use an add-on with a working width of whopping 8 meters if you wish to cut and collect separately. Now that is what we call saving time!

Use a compact and light weight machine that is easily manoeuvred and follows ground contour. Great for areas that need to be maintained both meticulously and cautiously.

Large lawn mower

Apply a vacuum add-on to collect leaves, litter or debris if the surfaces need to be cleaned before they can be cut. Of course you need good quality equipment. Our large lawn mowers cut through both fine and rough grasses, eliminating clumps and leaving any area neat and smooth.

No matter on what area you will use the large lawn mower, be assured that the filling degree of our container is great, with a loading capacity of up to 20 m3.

In short, Trilo’s large area mowers are perfect when you:

  • Wish to save serious time, and therefore, money
  • Work on farmland, collecting a maximum amount of grass to ensile
  • Keep golf courses or sports fields, and need the turf to remain undamaged
  • Maintain runways and wish to keep birds from nesting in long grass
  • Manage public areas and wish to collect leaves and litter as well

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How Trilo ensures high quality equipment

Our professionals use modern 3D CAT drawing programmes to design new devices, as well as improve existing lines. Furthermore, we have our own production facilities, where we build, paint and assemble all machines, tailor-made for you.

Due to over 40 years of working in the business, we understand what you need in a large lawn mower. Located in the Netherlands, we deliver our machines throughout Europe.

Any technical problems are met by our support team. We will come to your rescue on-site, or provide help over the phone. Any spare parts ordered before 14.00 hours, will be shipped to you the same day.

Finally, we provide maintenance services for all our clients.


Then contact us for more information about our high quality, large lawn mowers. Or build your own tailor-made, large lawn mower using the convenient product configurator.

Large lawn mowers