Are you looking for leaf collection equipment, or, more specifically, a tow behind leaf collector? Then read more about our S-series vacuum sweeper.


Trilo S-series: leaf collection equipment at its finest

Leaf collection is incredibly important when it comes to public safety and hygiene. This is because piles of leaves will inadvertently lead to slippage, and provide homes for rodents and other unsanitary animals.

With the Trilo S-series, you will have leaf collection equipment that is highly versatile, enabling you to collect leaves under various circumstances. For example when maintaining playing fields, public parks, streets or parking lots. But also when doing verge maintenance or event cleaning.

Our leaf collection systems are known for its advantages:

  • Compact and short, allowing for easy manoeuvring
  • High capacity: maximum number of hours of highly efficient cleaning
  • Low in weight: very suitable on areas where the soil cannot be damaged such as on sports pitches and golf courses

All operations need different features. Therefore, we have developed a product configurator that allows you to select the features you wish. You are essentially building your very own tow behind leaf collector!

S-series product configurator


 Build your own collector




Trilo: reliable and high quality leaf collection equipment

Over 40 years of experience have taught us what good leaf collection equipment needs. This knowledge is used in the design and production of all our leaf blowers, vacuum sweepers and verticutting units.

We are proud to say we only work with high quality raw materials and leaf collection systems from esteemed manufacturers, thus guaranteeing the best quality leaf collection equipment.

Furthermore, we deliver our machines throughout Europe, so ordering new machines or spare parts is done quickly and easily, wherever you are located.

Finally, our service department has a large number of spare parts in supply, which they will send to you at short notice, making sure your tow behind leaf collector is up and running again in no time. They can also be reached with technical questions and can send mechanics to help you out at any time and place. 


Do you have questions about our leaf collection systems? 

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