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The extraordinary wide R10 reel mower delivers perfect cuts at a high speed and a very low tractor power. The mower is especially designed to maintain big sod fields in the turf industry. It combines simple propulsion with excellent mowing reels. Because of the ingenious folding system, using only a few cylinders, it is very easy to switch between the 10 meters working width and the compact transport position.

The big advantage of the R10 mower is the capability to cut the grass instead of chopping the tops off like rotary mowing units do. This results in less evaporation of the plants moisture, which makes the grass less vulnerable for diseases and provides a smooth surface without turning the grass’ points brown. This will stimulate the growth of the grass which results in shorter growth periods between harvesting.

The 10.4 meters wide machine with a capacity of 100 hectares a day can simply be attached to a tractor. The 12 independently mounted 90cm wide mowing reels provide a clean cut and will follow the contours of the sod field flawless. The combination of the open reels and tube frame provide an even grass distribution.

Because the R10 is completely mechanically driven it only requires, despite of the large working width, 55 hp. Depending on the type of tractor, this results in up to 32% less fuel consumption compared to other wide reel mowing units and up to 45% less fuel compared to wide rotary mowing units.

Due to the low weight of the R10 mower in combination with a small tractor, the stress on the sod will be minimized. At the end of the field you can easily lift the mowing units off the ground, by using the tractor hydraulics, in order to make a U-turn.

Because of the mechanical drive and 90cm wide mowing reels the maintenance costs are low. The maintenance free nylon bearings in combination with the hard steel chrome plated shafts requires a minimum of maintenance.

The R10 has a unique way of folding, which only requires 2 double acting valves at the tractor, without electronics. Despite of the impressive working width the R10 can easily be transported from one site to another. Due to his transportation dimensions, which are 3 meters tall and 2.5 meters wide, the machine is permitted to access the public roads in Europe.

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Technical specifications

Mowing height:   Adjustable from 13 to 63 mm 
Drive: Mechanical / PTO / V belt @540 rpm
Lifting system: Hydraulically
Required PTO power: > 55+ HP
Tires: 500 x 55 – 17 Turf tires
mowing reels:

12 pieces

Diameter 200 mm

Width 910 mm

7 bladed reels. 

Transportation speed: 40 km/h
Weight: 3000 kg

Length                3.90 m 

width                 2.45 m

Highth                3.05 m


Rear lights, brake lights, turn signals, fog light, rear reflectors, number plate light.


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