• BRL120
  • RL60


The TRILO BRL120 is a self-propelled sod layer which lays your sods fast and efficiently. The maximum roll width of 1,20 meter and the maximum speed of 18 km/h make it possible to lay a complete stadium in just one long day. The BRL120 makes laying sods easy by rolling them out in front of the machine. The 7 hydraulically driven wheels press down the sods gently and leave absolutely no marks. The driver platform can be shifted to 1,20 meter outside the machine for an excellent view of the placement of the roll. A smart patented feature guides the laying process, resulting is a field without any traces of seams or overlap. You control the BRL120 with a joystick that reacts to a touch of your fingertip. The BRL120 offers you efficiency, saves work and creates a top quality lawn.

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For easy install of 60cm turf sod rolls Trilo offers the RL60. This is an alternative for motorized installers. This robust, durable manually operated sod installer has a simple design and is light weight.  The rolls are lifted by tilting the frame and placing the hooks under the pivots of the roll. The loaded installer can be towed by hand and installing this way as well. An additional person pushes the turf with a rake to close the seam between the already laid turf sods .For transport the wheels can be swapped inside so the unit fits within a pallet size. 

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