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TRILO offers contractors the best vacuum sweeper for the job. With the S-series, you will get exactly the machine suitable for the job. By using our product configurator the machine can be assembled exaclty to meet your needs and wishes. No matter if you wish to sweep litter, leaves, debris or grass or cut fine or rough grass, the S-line offers the perfect solution for you.

Maximum capacity

All of the new S-series vacuum sweepers are equipped with a powerful, 6 blade fan in a TRILO centrifugal pump. The air capacity has been increased by maximising the filter surface, by enlarging the air intake and by redesigning the brush hood. The position of the spout has been altered, increasing the filling degree of the container. The S-series is available with loading capacities of 8 up to 20 m3.

Efficient and manoeuvrable combination

One of the Key points of the new design is a compact and short trailer, which allows easy manoeuvring. The new design also gives the improved brush hood and suction hose more space.
The brush hood has been improved in life span, capacity, multi functionality and easy maintenance. The boom with the suction hose has been enlarged by 50%, to a lenght of 2,5 meters, which allows
the driver to collect materials from even further distances from the sweeper. The suction hose is placed closer to the sweeper which improves the sight to the rear. The boom can be
placed at both sides of the machine.

Maintenance friendly

All S-series models are driven by XPB belts with automatic tighteners. The grease points have been replaced with maintenance free bearings, for example in the boom, the front rollers of the
unloading floor and the hinges of the back door. The remaining grease points are easily accessible.


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S-series cc

In a unique cooperation; Europe's leading airfield mowing specialist, Spearhead has joined forces with Europe's leading provider of collection systems, Trilo.

By combining the knowledge and technical expertise of these two leading brands, we are now able to offer a new concept in airfield grass maintenance, Cut and Collect. Cut and Collect allows the one-pass mowing and cleaning of an area six metres in width.

Following the introduction of larger commercial aircraft and the subsequent requirement to mow, clear and maintain a 12 metre wide strip either side of the runway, the Spearhead/Trilo Cut and Collect system is becoming increasingly important in achieving this.


Increased capacity
One-pass operation
Reduced oprating costs
Faster operation
Extremely manoeuvrable

The Cut and Collect system folds neatly to within 2.8 metres for ease of transport to and from the airfield. The system allows an exemplary one-pass operation effectively cutting and clearing an area six metres wide.

All debris, including any litter, is removed from the airfield leaving the area clear of atrractants for birds and wildlife. High speed brushes in combination with a high pressure suction system effectively clear cut grass and other debris.

The one-pass operation leaves a beautiful finish with the area cleared and manicured for inspection. The Trilo S Serie provides the collecting action. Featuring a six blade fan and a centrifugal pump combined with heavy duty brushes, the machine allows all materials to be safely removed from the surface leaving an attractive striped finish behind the mower.

Cut and Collect height can be adjusted between 20 and 150 millimetres, perfect for low level cutting close to the runway or ‘bottoming out’ operations defined by European regulations throughout the wider airfield. 



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The TRILO SG450 is equipped with a 1,50 meter wide, in towing direction mounted suction hood with gauge wheels placed in the heart of the axle. This allows the hood to follow the contours of the soil perfectly. The large, air filled Tyres provide low soil pressure. The Ø 850 mm, 5 blade fan is placed in an TRILO centrifugal pump and is driven by a Walterscheid PTO shaft with wide angle and overrun clutch. The lining inside the fan housing is replaceable for extra-long life. This flexible machine has many options, making it suitable for every job. The SG450 is standard equipped with a 4 meter long suction hose (Ø 350 mm), which can be hydraulically operated from the driver seat. This allows the driver to collect debris, leaves, hedge trimmings etc. within a radius of 2,5 meter from the tractor, both on the left and on the right side. The SG450 can also be equipped with a gully brush, flash lights, working lights etc.

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The TRILO S4 vacuum sweeper is our S3`s big brother. The S4 also is a compact and economical vacuum sweeper with large, air filled tyres for low soil pressure. The difference is in the larger 4 m3 container and a bigger fan for more suction power. The S4 is equipped with a Ø 850 mm, 4 blade fan which is placed in a TRILO centrifugal pump with replaceable lining for extra-long life. This larger fan requires some more horsepower than the S3: 45 HP (33 kW) minimum. A Walterscheid PTO shaft with wide angle and overrun clutch provide power transmission. Gauge wheels, placed in the heart of the suction hood which is placed in towing direction, ensure that the axle follows the contours of the soil perfectly. This vacuum sweeper can also be equipped with a braked axle suitable for fast traffic.

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The TRILO S3 is a compact and economical vacuum sweeper with a loading capacity of 3 m3 and large, air filled tyres for low soil pressure. The S3 is standard equipped with a brush hood, which brushes the mowed grass or leaves together for more efficient vacuuming. Optionally you can also equip the S3 with a mowing shaft, verticutting shaft or a combined shaft for simultaneously mowing and verticutting. The castor wheels are mounted in the heart of the shaft, ensuring that the sweeper follows the contours of the soil perfectly. This vacuum sweeper is suitable for tractors from 28 HP (20 kW) and is driven by a Walterscheid PTO shaft with wide angle and overrun clutch. The Ø 700 mm 4 blade fan is placed inside a TRILO centrifugal pump with replaceable lining for extra-long life. The optional wander hose has a reach of 6 meters and is equipped with a sturdy end pipe with handgrip.


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