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The TRILO C15 is a unique machine that can flail mow, verticut and collect in one pass. This robust machine is suitable for tractors from 30 HP (22 kW) and can be used on all sorts of surfaces. From sports fields to rough terrain, such as verges. The over 1 m3 large hopper can be hydraulically emptied and the shape of the dust cap guides the airflow to the back instead of upwards. The knives are easily accessible for cleaning, maintenance or changing. Braces on the sides of the machine protect the axle from damage as a result of collisions. Besides mowing and collecting grass, the powerful wind paddles can also be used to collect leaves or horse droppings.

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Technical specifications


PTO output: > 30 hp
PTO: 540 RPM
Drive:  Power take-off
Three point hitch:  Cat. I-II
Required hydraulics:  120 bar - 15 l/min.
Required hydraulic connections:  1 x single acting
Weight:  515 kg
Measurements (LxWxH):  1,85 x 1,88 x 1,57 m
Loading capacity:  1,1 m3
Working width: 1,50 m
Number of knives:  48
Diameter knives:  Rotor: Ø 455 mm
Thickness of knives:  3 mm
Knive distance:  26 mm
Front roller diameter: Ø 114 mm
Working depth: Max. 50 mm
Number of wind paddles: 18