It goes without saying that an airport runway should be clean at all times. But which machine do you choose for your runway cleaning? Are you looking for vacuum sweepers on sale? Then read on.

Runway cleaning: efficiently done with Trilo’s S-series vacuum sweeper

Not only do runways need to be clear of leaves and debris. Their verges also need to be maintained meticulously. Therefore, you need runway cleaning equipment that can both vacuum leaves and rubble, as well as cut and collect grass.

The S-series vacuum sweepers on sale at Trilo, offer just that. They boast high capacity, because they are equipped with a powerful 6 blade fan, and the filling degree of the container is unparalleled.

Furthermore, they are compact and short, making them easy to use and highly manoeuvrable.

Due to the length of the boom with the suction hose, the driver is able to collect materials, including foreign object debris (FOD) from a relatively large distance.

In short, the S-series vacuum sweeper is as efficient as it is versatile.

We have vacuum sweepers on sale that can cut and collect grass at high capacity

With regards to cutting grass, we offer an optional grass collecting devise that has up to 8 meters working width.

Alternatively, you can choose to mow and collect in one session. This vacuum sweeper part has up to 6 meters working width.

All S-series vacuum sweepers have a clever mowing height, so that it discourages birds on the runway. A practical solution that does not interfere with your runway cleaning!

Our vacuum sweepers can be assembled according to your wishes. Simply indicate on the order form which option you wish and we will build your tailor-made machine. You can choose between more than 50 features. 

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 Runway cleaning

Trilo: you partner of choice in runway cleaning

Trilo has over 40 years of experience in the design and production of vacuum sweepers, leaf blowers and verticutting units. We have put our knowledge to use in order to design and manufacture vacuum sweepers that help you with runway cleaning in the most efficient way.

Are you looking for vacuum sweepers on sale, but are you not located in the Netherlands? Not a problem! We distribute our vacuum sweepers throughout Europe.

And not just that, our service department has technical staff ready to assist you with any technical issue you might have, or to send you spare parts.

Finally, we provide maintenance services for all our customers. Therefore, your runway cleaning equipment will remain in good shape for a very long time.

Contact us, in case you have any questions about the vacuum sweepers on sale or about the services we offer. Simply click on the button below.

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