Runway cleaning equipment: tailor-made to meet your demands

Runway cleaning equipment


Professional runway cleaning equipment is essential to allow for safe aircraft. Are you looking to purchase new equipment to clean your runway? And should that equipment cut maintenance time, without compromising quality?

Then read more about the vacuum sweepers and grass cutting machines we have to offer.

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Trilo runway cleaning equipment: collect debris and cut grass with one clever machine


First of all, runways need to be kept clean. At Trilo, we offer a tailor-made machine that can collect litter, leaves and foreign object debris at a highly efficient rate. But that is not all you need. A safe runway has well-maintained verges. The grass needs to be kept short in order to keep birds from nesting.

Would you like to work with one machine that can both sweep the runways and maintain the grass on its verges? Then take a look at our S-series vacuum sweeper. Our unique product configurator lets you put together the exact features you wish to add to your runway cleaning equipment.

The advantages of the Trilo S-series runway cleaning equipment:

  • Our machines are tailor-made to meet your exact wishes
  • Choose a working width of up to 8 meters
  • Or choose 5 meters working width if you wish to cut and collect grass in one session
  • Add over 50 other features
  • Be assured that all machines are easy to manoeuvre, both on concrete and on grass
  • You can collect leaves, litter and other debris at a high pace

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4 reasons to choose Trilo’s runway cleaning equipment


First of all, we have over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a broad range of vacuum sweepers, leaf blowers and other cleaning and grass cutting equipment. Our engineers work with modern 3D CAD drawing programmes to design new runway cleaning equipment and improve existing lines.

Secondly, we distribute machines and spare parts throughout Europe. Spare parts are easily ordered online and shipped the same day.

A third reason to choose Trilo runway cleaning equipment, is that we provide regular maintenance for all our customers. Thus maximising your machine’s life span.

Finally, our service department will help you out with any technical issues you might encounter, either long distance or on-site.

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