Runway sweepers are an absolute must at an airport, because they collect leaves as well as foreign object debris (FOD) from the runway, thus limiting accidents.

The Trilo S-series runway sweepers, however, also work great as a grass collecting machine. And that is just what you need. Read below why that is.

Trilo S-series runway sweepers: compact, efficient and versatile

Our runway sweepers are one of the most versatile and efficient machines yet, because:

  • They are compact and short, making them highly manoeuvrable
  • They boast high capacity, allowing for an enormous amount of leaves, grass or debris to be collected in one session.
  • The boom of the suction hose is long, enabling you to collect materials from a relative distance. The boom can be placed on both sides of the vehicle.
  • They are low in maintenance, allowing for maximum uptime. 
  • You can tailor the runway sweeper to meet your exact demands, by selecting or omitting features in our product configurator. Check our handy software by clicking on the button below and learn more about the various options we offer.

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Runway sweepers

 Trilo S-series runway sweeper: also a neat grass collecting machine

But apart from these qualities, our runway sweepers also cut and collect grass. Depending on your preferences, we can assemble the machine with a separate collecting device that has a working width of 8 meters, making this sweeper extremely efficient. Alternatively, you choose a component that cuts and collects grass in one session. This latter part has a working width of 6 meters.

All S-series runway sweepers have a mowing height that actively discourages birds on the runway, thus contributing to safer aviation.

For all of these reasons, we advise you to choose a runway sweeper that is also a grass collecting machine.

Contact Trilo for further information about our runway sweepers

Trilo has over 40 years of experience in the production and design of runway sweepers.

Furthermore, you can simply order spare parts online, that we will send to you wherever in Europe you are located.

Finally, we provide maintenance services for all our customers, ensuring that your equipment will be in good shape for as long as possible.

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