How Trilo makes soccer field maintenance easy

Soccer field maintenance can be quite demanding. ­But with Trilo’s football pitch maintenance equipment, managing playing fields becomes easy.

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Soccer field maintenance done right: no more time constraints or muddy tracks

Ask anyone who is tasked with soccer field maintenance about their two biggest frustrations, and they will answer: it is hard not to damage the turf, and it takes a lot of much time.

Trilo takes these grievances away. First of all, we ensure that no damage to the field is done, because our machines are light weight and won’t leave muddy impressions. Furthermore, they are compact, allowing you to easily manoeuvre the engine across the field. Also, our football pitch maintenance equipment does what you want it to do. Built tailor-made for you, you can use it to cut the grass, blow away leaves and vacuum debris, for example.

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Sports pitch maintenance

Tailor-made equipment with high loading capacity, low maintenance and 52 impressive features

The above are just examples. Whatever you want, you can have. That is because we used the 40 years of our industry experience to develop and fine-tune our S-series vacuum sweeper. In fact, we built a configurator that allows you to put together the perfect football pitch maintenance equipment for your job. You may select from among over 50 features!

Choose a high loading capacity and save time because you don’t need to empty the container as often. Choose a working width of 6 meters to cut and collect grass in one session – another great way to save time! And rest assured that we keep the downtime of your device to an absolute minimum, due to maintenance free bearings in difficult-to-reach areas, for instance.

Soccer field maintenance

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So, choose Trilo and you will have no more frustrations when carrying out soccer field maintenance. And imagine the amount of time you will save with these versatile machines!

We welcome you to browse through our S-series features and custom build the football pitch maintenance equipment of your choice.

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