Trilo’s softball field maintenance equipment

Proper softball field maintenance equipment can make the difference between an arduous, time-consuming job, and an easy one. Field maintenance requires effort. Sloppy work will leave tracks, lumps and angry players. But it doesn’t require an endless amount of time to maintain a sports pitch, either. At least, not with Trilo’s S-series Vacuum Sweeper. Continue reading, or contact us for more information about our softball field drag equipment

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Time saving and thorough softball field maintenance equipment

Trilo’s softball field maintenance equipment is known for being light-weight and highly versatile. It has a compact and short hopper, making it easy to manoeuvre across the field. This will help you to cut an enormous amount of time carrying out field maintenance work. Furthermore, you can assemble the machine to meet your exact wishes, selecting towing eyes, drawbars, undercarriages and what more to fit it in with your existing equipment.

In total, you may choose from over 50 different features and build the machine that best suits you. That is why we can also be of service if you are looking for softball field drag equipment. We offer various types of shafts. But that’s not all. Want to cut and collect grass in one session? Prefer a lid on the hopper to suppress noise and dust? Opt for parking breaks or hazard lights and have your softball field maintenance equipment painted in the colours of your sports club.

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Trilo: top quality and full-service

Starting out as a small, Dutch family business, Trilo has become a worldwide supplier of vacuum sweepers, verticutters and leaf blowers.

Before we send off newly purchased machines, we make sure to fine-tune them to perfection. As a result, the softball field drag equipment is fully operational when itarrives. Any technical issues will be met by our experts, who offer assistance on-site as well as long distance. Should you need a spare part, simply place an order online and we will strive to send it to you the same day. Last but not least, we offer regular maintenance services to all our clients, keeping your softball field maintenance equipment in perfect shape.

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