Sports ground maintenance

Sports ground maintenance is done in the most effective way possible with Trilo’s sports field mowers. Read more below or build your tailor-made machine with our online product configurator

Sports ground maintenance gone wrong: don’t let this happen to you

Golf courses are known for their flawless, trimmed grass. But proper green keeping requires quite some effort.

Imagine what would happen if you wouldn’t take your sports ground maintenance seriously? In spring, your visitors might stumble upon unsuspecting birds, nesting on the golf course. In summer, ankle-high grass would prevent golfers from hitting the ball properly. In autumn, they would bury their golf balls in heaps of leaves. And in winter, they would have to make their way through the mud. Imagine trying to hit a ball when it is lying in a pool of water…

It needs no further explanation: if you don’t maintain your sports field thoroughly, you will lose visitors. So how can you carry out sports ground maintenance in the most time efficient way, without damaging the grass? The answer: use Trilo’s S-series sports field mowers

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Sports pitch maintenance

Trilo’s sports field mowers: get neatly cut grass without muddy tracks in no time at all

Our sports ground maintenance equipment is compact, which makes it easy to move around. Furthermore, the machines are light in weight. This enables them to move over the grass without leaving muddy tracks, even after heavy rain. It is these characteristics that make them so successful when used on areas where the turf needs to remain intact.

Furthermore, due to the high loading capacity of our sports field mowers, you can safe much time. Also, with a working width of 6 meters, you can cut and collect grass at an unrivalled pace. And the beauty of it all? Our mowers cut the grass at such a level, that birds are discouraged from building nests. So our feathered friends will be safely away from the golf course, allowing your visitors to enjoy the greens, the sport and, from a safe distance, the wild life. 

Sports ground maintenance

Custom made sports field maintenance: made possible by Trilo

So how can we be so sure that you will benefit from our sports ground maintenance equipment? Because you can put together your perfect machine, choosing from over 50 different features! Do you wish to work with one, or two, suction hoses? Choose, and we will assemble. Prefer to have a dust cover, which will also reduce noise? Any specific requirements with regard to engine type, undercarriage or drawbar? Let us know, and we will produce accordingly.

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