Sports pitch maintenance requires equipment that can maintain the area, vacuuming leaves and cutting grass without damaging the soil. Are you looking for a vacuum sweeper that can carry out thorough yet prudent playing fields maintenance? We have just the machine for you.

Trilo S-series vacuum sweeper: the ideal machine for sports pitch maintenance

Naturally, playing fields need to be free of leaves and debris. The grass needs to be kept short as to allow people to practice their sports.

But not all vacuum sweepers can be used for sports pitch maintenance. Some are too big, making manoeuvring a hassle. Others are too heavy, leaving muddy impressions in grass, for example.

The Trilo S-series vacuum sweeper, however, is up to the task of playing field maintenance. Not only is it compact and light weight, allowing for easy manoeuvring across various sorts of grounds and soils. It can also be used as a leaf blower, it collects leaves and debris, and it can cut and collect grass.

Therefore, we believe that the S-series vacuum sweeper is ideal for sports pitch maintenance.

Of course not all vacuum sweepers have the same features, and surely you will have additional requirements for yours. Not a problem! We have developed a product configurator, enabling you to choose the exact features your vacuum sweeper needs to have. Make a choice between the various options and you will build a machine that is perfect for your sports pitch maintenance.

Check the vacuum sweeper configurator by clicking on the link below and see for yourself how easily you can build a versatile machine

Read more about the S-series product configurator




Sports pitch maintenance Known for its quality and service, Trilo offers the best solution for sport pitch maintenance

Trilo has over 40 years of experience in the design and production of vacuum sweepers, amongst other products. We have used this time to find out exactly what good playing field maintenance equipment is made of. In Amersfoort, the Netherlands, our engineers work hard to design and produce vacuum sweepers that offer solutions to all issues you come across in sports pitch maintenance.

Furthermore, in our service department we have technical staff ready to help you out in case you need assistance, or spare parts. We offer immediate, on-site emergency service, and we also provide regular maintenance services.

Finally, we deliver our products across Europe. Our drivers have technical knowledge of vacuum sweepers and offer assistance, so that when they leave, your machine is ready to work.

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