Sports turf maintenance: safe time and money with Trilo’s equipment 

No matter the game you play, proper sports turf maintenance can mark the difference between the cancellation of games and the continuation of the competition. As a sports turf specialist, surely you will opt for the latter. But how do you carry out time and cost efficient sports turf maintenance?

By working with good equipment, for starters. Check out our online product configurator.

Sports field maintenance

How good sports turf maintenance ensures that the game can go on

High traffic on limited playing areas can easily lead to serious damage to the soil. Add to that bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain, and you can imagine the challenge a sports turf specialist faces.

There are two ways in which you can ensure the quality of the turf:

  1. By applying a yearly grass maintenance guide to keep the soil in the best possible condition. This guide can serve as an example
  2. By using high quality equipment

Let us explain why we believe our machine can make the difference for any sports turf specialist. 

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Sports pitch maintenance

How our sports turf maintenance equipment helps you save money and time

First of all, we have developed a machine that is so compact and light in weight that it won’t damage the soil, even when working under muddy conditions. Hence, with our machine expensive returfing is a thing of the past. Secondly, we have spent nearly 50 years improving our first vacuum sweeper. This tireless effort has resulted in over 50 different features that make our machine highly versatile and very efficient.

For example, the machine has a high loading capacity of up to 20 m3. This ensures that you can cover a lot of ground before the container needs to be emptied. It also has a large working width of up to 8 meters, it can cut and collect grass in one session and collect leaves and debris as well. In short, our sports turf maintenance machine will make ground care extremely time, and therefore, cost efficient.

Learn more about our versatile sports turf maintenance equipment by putting together your tailor-made machine with our free, online product configurator.

Lastly, Trilo’s sports turf maintenance equipment has a long life span and is maintenance friendly. Therefore, we are sure your investment will pay off, avoiding unnecessary cancellations of games while keeping playing field preservation affordable.

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