Parking lot cleaning equipment is used on a regular basis. Every once in a while, sweeper truck parts might break down. Have you got the knowledge and skills to fix them?

Sweeper truck parts: call Trilo for service or replacements

Trilo has over 40 years of experience in the design and production of sweeper trucks, leaf blowers and verticutting units. We have a team of professionals combining their experience with the latest technical developments to build the parking lot equipment you request.

Part of this team works on developing new machines. Another part focuses on helping existing customers who need technical assistance.

Sometimes sweeper truck parts need cleaning or minor repairs to be used again. At other times, they need to be replaced altogether.

In Amersfoort, the Netherlands, we have a team of service professionals who are ready to assist you with any technical questions you may have. So call them in case of need.

When you need on-site assistance, we will send over a mechanic, who will inspect your parking lot cleaning equipment and offer advice on repairs or replacements.

Sweeper truck parts

Sweeper truck parts: simply order replacements online

Replacements can be arranged for very quickly. As a Trilo customer, you will get access to a secured part of our website. There, you can browse through our stock of spare sweeper truck parts and place your order. Any order placed before 14.00 hours is shipped the same day, thus keeping downtime of your machines to a minimum.

Trilo’s maintenance service will make your parking lot cleaning equipment last a long time

And repairs or service? That is done by our own staff, and it is part of our overall service. Because we do not just sell machines, we maintain them for you as well. Hence, when you buy sweeper truck parts or entire parking lot cleaning equipment from Trilo, your machines will have the longest lifetime possible.

Any questions about our sweeper truck parts or service?

Call us at on at +31(0)33 456 45 50 or send an email to We gladly provide you with more information about our sweeper truck parts.

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