Trilo: one of the most versatile turfcare specialists in Europe

We feel it is safe to say that Trilo is one of the most versatile turfcare specialists in Europe. That is because 40 years of industry experience has taught us that:

  • Meticulous maintenance is vital
  • But it should not take up too much time
  • And all clients have different requirements

In order to meet these requirements, Trilo developed a high quality, versatile machine that is tailor-made for you. Even the most challenging job will be done with ease, using our S-series machine.

Check out the 52 different features of our unrivalled equipment

Turfcare specialists

Grass care machinery that allows for precision work

It would be an awful shame if a field was left bumpy after maintenance was carried out. Imagine soccer players tripping over lumps of grass. Or the view an uneven kept park would provide. Turfcare specialists want to do a good job, and that requires grass care machinery that is compact and easy to manoeuvre.

Trilo’s S-series maintenance equipment has a compact and short trailer, which allows you to easily move over any turf. Furthermore, you can adjust the height at which you cut the grass, making this machine suitable for sports fields and public areas as well as airfields and pastures. 

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Sports pitch maintenance

Time efficient without damaging the turf

But the advanced manoeuvrability is not the only reason we are favoured turfcare specialists. Our equipment will also help you to save massive amounts of time.For example, you can cut and collect the grass in one session by choosing a working width of 6 metres. The large container will enable you to cover a lot of ground before it needs to be emptied. The beauty of this machine? It remains light-weight and the low pressure lawn tyres ensure that no damage is done to the turf. 

Trilo: one of the most versatile turfcare specialists around

Agricultural jobs require an entirely different machine than green keeping. Therefore, we assemble a wide variety of grass care machinery. But what if you want to cut the grass, as well as vacuum litter and leaves? What if you wish to use the machine on the road as well as on turf? What if you wish to add a water injector or have any other specific requests? The answer is simple: whatever you requirements, we tailor to them. This makes us one of the most versatile turfcare specialists in Europe.

Check our free, online product configurator and see for yourself how we will manage to build your perfect machine with our 52 different features. Or contact us, in case you have any specific questions.  

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