Are you in the verge maintenance industry and are you looking for excellent litter collection equipment? Then read more about the Trilo S-series.

Verge maintenance: our vacuum sweeper is up to the task – and more

The Trilo S-series is designed to vacuum litter, leaves and debris, but also to cut and collect grass, making this the ultimate machine for your verge maintenance.

The S-series vacuum cleaner has maximum capacity and can be manoeuvred easily. Its boom with the suction hose is designed to collect materials both from afar and from close by, and it works perfectly in hard to reach places, such as high noise barriers.

Verge maintenance: the Trilo S-series is tailor-made to fit your requirements

Our compact and short trailer can be assembled exactly to your wishes with the product configurator.

Simply follow the steps in the form and choose from among 52 different settings, such as 4 different undercarriage options, 2 different draw bars, whether or not you want to attach the machine to a third party mowing arm or whether or not you need an unloading floor.

Naturally, these are just a few of the available options, so see for yourself how versatile this machine actually is.

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Verge maintenance

Why choose Trilo verge maintenance equipment?

Whether you are looking specifically for litter collection equipment, or for broader verge maintenance options, the S-series won’t disappoint you.

This is because Trilo:

  • Offers truly high quality equipment, working solely carefully selected suppliers. 
  • Has a large number of spare parts in supply that we will send to you at the shortest possible notice, keeping downtime to a minimum. 
  • Offers excellent service and maintenance for all our clients. We have mechanics ready to help you out at any time and at any place. 
  • Delivers all around Europe.

Do you have any questions about our verge maintenance or litter collection equipment? Our professionals look forward to providing you with clear and concise answers and solid advice, so contact us at any time.

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