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BL400 Leaf blowers (Low noise level)

Blowing clean tees, greens, fairways, roads and paths on golf courses.

This is a unique, flexible and quiet leaf blower that fits well on the front or back of vehicles. The reverse exhaust spout that can be turned 180 degrees can be operated hydraulically or electrically from the driver’s seat That way you can easily guide the airflow. Despite its great power, the BL400 has a remarkably low noise level, something that is quite convenient for the surroundings and the driver. The fan is driven by a PTO drive shaft attached to the tractor and requires an output greater than >25 HP (19 kW).

• Compact and light with high power.
• Fits on a wide range of vehicles and mowers.
• Can be mounted on the back or front of a vehicle.
• Driven by PTO drive shaft.
• Reverse exhaust spout is hydraulically operated from driver’s seat.
• Equipped with an anti-collision system.

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