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SU60 Compact vacuum units

For collecting leaves and other waste material

The TRILO SU60 is perfect for quickly and easily clearing and collecting heaps of leaves. The TRILO SU60 suction unit is mounted on a chassis that can be used as a trailer. The chassis is equipped with lights and is suitable for use on public roads at speeds up to 80 km/hour.

The SU60 has a reliable 20 HP Honda petrol engine. The fan is located in a wear-resistant dual walled fan housing. The SU60 is standard equipped with a 5 m long wander hose with a diameter of 250 mm. The wander hose has a sturdy metal end piece with a hand grip. During work, the wander hose is supported by a pivoting boom and can be tucked away in a bracket. The fan housing is easy to clean. Excess water is drained via a drain with cap. The adjustable exhaust spout can be turned 360 degrees and placed at any desired angle, so that you can blow material into a vehicle’s hopper at the most inaccessible places.

• Wander hose of 5 m Ø 250 mm.
• To be transported by public roads (80 km/h).
• Exhaust spout can be turned 360 degrees using adjustable end flap.
• Fan housing covered with exchangeable wear plates.
• Statically and dynamically balanced fan.
• Easy to clean.
• Water is drained via drain point with cap.
• Start/stop engine protection.

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