This machine is specially designed for fairways and undulating areas. The VCMK3 is the solution for your thatch problem.


• Removes thatch build-up
• Allows increased aeration
• More effective utilization of fertilizer
• Increased water penetration
• Earlier spring green-up
• Reduced irrigation costs due to better water utilization

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Technical details
The Trilo VCMK 3 flexible verticutter is available as a three point linkage unit as well as in combination with a Trilo Vacuum Sweeper.

The Trilo VCMK 3 is available in a working width of 1.7 and 2 metres. The machine is designed to work in undulating terrain like fairways, parks and recreation areas. The Trilo VCMK 3 can handle thatch build-ups right down to 40 mm without any problem. The verticut blades each have 5 teeth, resulting in longer life.

As standard, the machine is equipped with 3 mm thick blades with 30 mm blade spacing or for warm season grasses with 45 mm bladespacing and 2 mm tungsten blade. The working depth is adjustable by way of a stepless adjuster on the left and right sides, which move the castor wheels and the skids versus the verticut rotor.

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