Medium-sized vacuum sweepers with a wander hose

For removal of material from hard-to-reach places.

Compact vacuum sweepers with a bin capacity of 4 m3.  Vacuum sweepers equipped with a wander hose are ideally suited for mobile removal of material from hard to reach places. For example, scarified material and grass clippings but also leaves or even litter you can vacuum effortlessly. The compact vacuum sweepers are equipped with a 6 metres long suction hose with a diameter of 250 mm. The end piece is equipped with a comfortable hand grip, a gauge wheel and a rubber end piece that allows you to collect large amounts of material quickly and efficiently. The fan is mounted in a housing with a replaceable lining and is driven by a PTO drive shaft attached to the tractor and requires an output of The required hp PTO can vary depending on the working conditions.45 – 70 HP (33 – 51 kW).

• Vacuuming both litter and grass clippings.
• Compact and manoeuverable.
• Large radial tyres for low ground pressure.
• Driven by PTO drive shaft.
• 2.1 m high-tipping bin.

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