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Compact sweep and collect

Or collect leaves with a suction hose left and right

Compact manoeuverable leaf sweepers with a bin capacity of 3.7 m3 with a suction hose that can be used on the left and the right side. The TRILO SG450 has many options so it can be used for several jobs. The SG450 is standard equipped with a 4 metres long suction hose with a diameter of 350 mm. With a joystick, the suction hose can be operated from the driver’s seat. This way the driver can collect litter within a radius of 2,5 metres on both sides of the tractor. The suction hose can be turned 170° with aid of the special boom and can be manoeuvered both horizontally and vertically. The required output for the PTO drive shaft is The required hp PTO can vary depending on the working conditions.45 – 70 HP ( 33 – 51 kW). Thanks to the enormous suction power and the wide diameter of the suction hose, even a substantially filled waste container forms no problem and is effortlessly emptied.

• With a 4 metres long suction hose (Ø 350 mm).
• Can be operated with a joystick from driver’s seat.
• Suction hose can be turned 170 degrees.
• Can collect leaf waste, litter and hedge trimmings.
• Can be operated by one person.

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