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SU40TL Debris loader on suspension frame

Easy to connect to tailgates of trucks and trailers

The TRILO SU40TL is a separate suction unit with a mounting frame that can be attached to the tailgate of a trailer or truck. TRILO SU40TL debris loaders are ideal for loading trucks or trailers with large amounts of debris or leaves. Because of the special shape of the square discharge spout and a fan specially designed for this configuration, a strong airflow is created. Therefore TRILO SU truck loaders, have tremendous suction power that makes clearing large quantities of leaves and debris an easy job to do. This optimum design also requires less power and saves you fuel.

The powerful and tough manganese steel impeller blades shred debris to a small mulch. The mulched debris will evenly spread and take up less space. This means you can load more and work longer by saving time on regular, unnecessary, unloading journeys. The TRILO SU40TL debris loaders are powered by extremely reliable Honda V-twin engines that offer quiet operation and low fuel consumption. The impeller and blower housing wear plates can easily be serviced through the rear access panel, without removing the engine. The fan housing of a TRILO SU40TL debris loader is easy to clean with a garden hose and excess water is simply drained by using a drain plug in the bottom of the fan housing.

The SU40T is standard equipped with a suction hose with a radius of 3,5 meters and a diameter of 200 mm. The suction hose also includes a robust metal end piece with a handgrip that is designed for increased leverage and easy maneuverability. The castor wheel on which the pipe rests when you are working carries the weight for you and makes the job much easier. While working, the intake hose is also supported by a pivoting boom and when you are finished, you can tuck the intake hose safely away in a bracket. TRILO-machines are exceptionally well-engineered and will easily serve you for many years to come. Every machine is sold with premium service and warranty.

• Intake hose with a 5 m radius with Ø 200 mm.
• Square discharge spout for superior airflow.
• Discharge spout can be turned 360 degrees.
• Adjustable spout end flap.
• Manganese steel exchangeable wear plates.
• Easy access to the impeller.
• Safety sensor on the fan housing.
• Statically and dynamically balanced fan.
• Easy to clean with a garden hose. 
• Water is easily drained via a drain plug.
• Powered by powerful Honda V-twin engines.

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