Clearing poisonous leaves, seeds and fruits in time to prevent poisoning of horses

Trees are part of the landscape and offer horses shelter from sun, wind and rain along yards and meadows. However beautiful and useful they may be, they can also be dangerous because there are species that are poisonous and can make horses seriously ill. It can be the leaves, but also the seeds or fruits of certain trees that are dangerous for horses. Definitely during certain seasons when trees start to lose their leaves, seeds and fruits, there is a good chance that horses will eat these and ingest poisonous substances.

Sometimes poisoning cannot be recognized quickly enough, and then treated in time. Because with a poisoning every second counts, prevention is literally better better than cure. It is therefore best to always remove harmful leaves, fruits and seeds quickly to avoid risks.

Very poisonous trees and seeds include: Taxus, Boxwood and Maple (There is a connection between the Maple and the muscle disease Atypical Myopathy). But also: Beech, laburnum, oak, black walnut and the rhododendron.

With TRILO vacuum sweepers, harmful leaves, seeds or fruits can be cleared quickly and easily. The material is swept up and vacuumed up in one pass. With an optional wander hose you can vacuum material from the most difficult to reach places. TRILO vacuum sweepers are multi-functional and can perform several tasks by changing the shaft. Look for the complete range of TRILO machines at TRILO for race courses and stud farms.


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