Dust and noise reduction

Filter types

The exhausted air at the top of each vacuum sweeper can be controlled and filtered. Different types of filters are available: a cover net, a flat metal grille or a metal grille with an extra profile. An optional tarpaulin or fixed dust cover with an opening at the back guides the blown out air to the back and prevents rain from entering.

A flat metal grille with openings of 1 x 1 cm causes very little air resistance and provides great suction power. Smaller particles, such as small grass clippings or parts of leaves, can still pass through them

A grille with an extra profile with openings of 1 x 1 cm has a special zigzag structure which provides a larger filter surface area and can filter smaller particles better.

A fine-mesh cover net with openings of only 3 mm filters most small particles. A cover net causes more air resistance and also needs to be cleaned more often.


Fixed/exchangeable mounting system

A fixed filter is sufficient if it does not quickly soil the filter during work and therefore does not require frequent cleaning. The filter cannot then be easily removed for cleaning.

If the filter needs to be cleaned frequently or in changing working conditions where other filter types are required, replaceable filters are recommended. You can then quickly and easily insert the filter that is right for your work. Because they are easy to remove, the filters can also be cleaned easily. A dust cap is always mounted on an exchangeable filter system.


Dust cap (S8 – S20)

Er kan een stofkap worden gemonteerd om de luchtstroom naar achteren te richten en de uitstoot van stof boven het filteroppervlak te verminderen. Het gebruik van de (dubbelwandige) stofkap vermindert ook sterk het geluidsniveau van de machine.
A dust cap can be mounted to guide the airflow to the back and reduce the emission of dust above the filter surface. The use of the (dual walled) dust cap also greatly reduces the noise level of the machine.


Cover (S3 – S4)

On the smaller vacuum sweepers an optional cover can be mounted that guide the airflow to the back and reduces noise pollution.

Dust reduction through water spraying

To prevent the release of fine dust particles, small amounts of water can be sprayed onto the fan housing. This leads to dust particles adhering to larger materials, preventing them from getting into the air. The 200 litres water tank can be filled with tap water and is equipped with a meter at the front of the machine. The spraying of water is controlled from the cabin.

Water tank water injection


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