The coupling with the tractor is an important part for working safely with TRILO vacuum sweepers. It is therefore important that the towing eye and towing bar position are compatible with the coupling system of the towing vehicle. TRILO has suitable towing eyes for many common coupling systems. The towing eyes supplied are vertically flanged and can easily be exchanged for the right combination.

Drawbar above or below

The same drawbar can be attached in two ways to connect both the upper and lower towing bars of the towing vehicle.

The use of the upper towing bar is mandatory in various countries. For top levers, it is a requirement that the eye must be statically attached and the tractor coupling must be able to turn. Unfortunately, the tractor will lift more easily in the front and the brake distribution is less efficient.

The lower towing bar has a better brake distribution and the tractor will not lift as much.

The towing eye of the lifting trunnion on a lower towing bar does not need to be able to turn when used with a piton-fix coupling. If the trailer tilts, the eye tilts and releases itself from the piton-fix.

The best coupling is a ball rod because it has no play, unlike the eyes mentioned above, and allows for maximum angular movement required on very uneven terrain.


You can download a diagram showing which coupling combinations are suitable.

Available coupling combinations

All couplings comply with Annex XXXIV of EU 2015/208 requirements regarding couplings, unless otherwise stated.


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