Work shafts S3 Compact vacuum sweepers

Exchangeable shafts can be mounted In the brush hood of every TRILO mower or vacuum sweeper. By exchanging a shaft, you make a vacuum sweeper suitable for sweeping, collecting, scarifying and collecting or mowing and collecting. Brush shafts are available in different working widths. Below you will find all available shafts. Check out our selection in compact vacuum sweepers. (S4-S20).



Brush shafts with replaceable synthetic brushes

With a brush shaft you can collect leaves, grass clippings, thatch and even small-size debris. The material is swept up and collected at the same time. The brushes are replaceable. Available in working width: 1.5 m.

Mechanical brush


Scarifier shaft

With a scarifier shaft, TRILO S-series vacuum sweepers can scarify and collect in one pass. Available in working widths: 1.5 m.

Verticut rotor


Twisted flail shaft

With twisted flail shafts you can achieve a nice cutting result while moving. Available in working width: 1.5 m

Twisted Flail Rotor

Shaft with back-to-back knives

Shaft with knives placed with their backs against each other. A working shaft with back-to-back knives requires less tractor power. Available in working width: 1.5 m.

Rotor with Back to back knives

Combi shaft

The combi shaft is a shaft equipped with back-to-back knives in combination with scarifier knives. You can mow and scarify at the same time. Available in working width: 1.5 m.

Combi Rotor



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