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TRILO is a Dutch brand that has been supplying self-built machines all over the world for more than 40 years. The machinery consists of leaf blowers, vacuum sweepers, mowers and machines for the turf industry. All machines are designed and built by TRILO itself. Trilo also overhauls machines for the used machinery market. Trilo is part of the Dutch holding company Vanmac.

Made in Amersfoort

All TRILO machines are designed and manufactured in Amersfoort. We work in a modern building at the industrial park Calveen, near the A1. Here the inside sales staff is in contact with customers in more than 40 countries. We have our own designers and a warehouse where we keep about 10,000 parts in stock. In the construction department we weld metal components together. Next the parts go to the paint shop and then everything is assembled. Each team works on one machine until it is ready for delivery. Such a machine consists for more than 90% of Dutch made materials and we are quite proud of that!

Our outlook on work

At TRILO we find it important that everyone enjoys his work and is proud of the result. Every week an average of five machines leave our premises and everyone has contributed to this. We work in a small team, where we all feel responsible for our work and the quality we deliver to our customers. Together we ensure a safe and pleasant working environment. We have short communication lines and an accessible culture. Everyone may think along with us about how things can be done even better. And we are all well rewarded for that effort and commitment.

Internship at TRILO

TRILO is a modern company, where we deliver technical craftsmanship. We design and build machines that are worked on in teams. Every week we deliver an average of 5 turnkey machines that find their way all around the world. In this working environment, technically trained students can learn a lot. That is why we always offer an internship to introduce young people to our company and the craftsmanship we deliver.

Lets get started!

You have probably heard about it before: young people who are doing an internship and are not allowed to do more than clear away, clean up and sweep. At TRILO we don’t believe in that. You are still in training and of course you want to get started with your profession. We offer you that opportunity. You immediately join our project teams and that way you contribute to one of the many machines we make. We are curious to know what your fresh eyes see in our organisation and our way of working. Maybe you have a good idea for us on how to do our job even better? We challenge you!

We invite you

If you are interested in an internship, where no two days are the same and where you can think along and contribute to a beautiful technical product, we invite you. Are you technically trained and do you want to develop yourself further in your profession, then come and meet us. Send an (open) application to or call for an appointment.

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